Municipality of Vrilissia – MUVRI

Municipality of Vrilissia is a suburban municipality of the North Athens regional unit, in the Attica region. It covers an area of 3,600 km2 and its population, according to the results of the 2011 census, amounts to 30,741 inhabitants while the actual population is today (2018), about 45,000 inhabitants. Vrilissia is one of the leading Municipalities in the Attica region regarding the use of ICT in all levels, ranging from construction management to its own administration services. The Municipality of Vrilissia is also one of the most active ones in the region regarding education and training, and social inclusion policies.

The Municipality of Vrilissia in the last period has won the following distinctions:

  • Two gold awards and one silver at the Best City Awards 2017
  • Four awards in the framework of the Waste & recycling awards 2017
  • The Award for Bio-waste Management in the Urban Solid Waste category, under the “Greek Green Awards 2018”

These distinctions are the result of the joint effort of citizens, workers of the municipality and municipal authority.