Coordinator: Agenzia per lo Sviluppo dell’Empolese Valdelsa – ASEV

Empolese Valdelsa Development Agency (ASEV) is a Vocational Education and Training Centre recognized by the Toscana Region, created in 2001 with a mixed public private capital by the municipalities and social partners of the Empolese Valdelsa district. ASEV’s main mission is to promote the economic, cultural and social development of the Empolese-Valdelsa area.

Areas of expertise of ASEV comprise:

  1. EDUCATION (Basic vocational training, higher level, steady, permanent; Careers guidance; Self – employment (women’s and youth); Traineeship; Local government employees training; Enterprises guidance; Adults education).
  2. INTERCULTURE and INTEGRATION (Training for migrant citizens (courses of Italian as second language); cultural and linguistic mediation services for schools and local public institutions; training of teachers in intercultural issues, welcoming projects for migrants, field research on immigration, coordinating the hosting services for refugees).
  3. RESEARCH AND INNOVATION (ASEV has been conducting a connection role between supply and demand of innovation, service and research. ASEV leads and manages NANOXM, the Regional Innovation Pole for Nanotechnologies; ASEV is a member of the management board of the Regional Innovation Pole for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency).

ASEV’s main activities include promotion, planning, management and carrying on of the:

  • vocational training courses for people, enterprises, associations, public or private bodies,
  • activities of school and professional guidance,
  • courses and activities related to university education,
  • services for employment and for active work politics,
  • activities connected with the economic development of the area, activities of urban,
  • development and all activities related to the innovation and sustainable development,
  • projects within programmes and initiatives on local, regional, national or European level,
  • activities in tourist ambit to enhance the cultural, historical environmental patrimony of the Empolese Valdelsa district.