IMPEU Kick-Off Meeting held in Empoli, Italy

IMPEU partners met on the 8th and 9th January 2019 in Empoli, Italy to initiate the project implementation.

The Kick-Off project meeting was hosted by the IMPEU Coordinator, ASEV and representatives from all project partners participated, namely from:

  • Institut za Podgotovka na Slujiteliv Mejdunarodni Organizacii Zdruzhenie (ITPIO), Bulgaria
  • European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), EU-wide organization
  • Helping Hand NGO (HELPING HAND), Greece
  • Municipality of Vrilissia (MUVRI), Greece
  • Magenta Consultoria Projects Sl (MAGENTA), Spain

Discussions and exchanges during the meeting focused on the step-by-step project implementation, examining thoroughly all tasks and activities foreseen, aiming at enhancing the inclusion of EU mobile citizens in the partner countries and beyond.