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It will help you to find the correct organisation to ask your question related to your EU citizen rights

The IMPEU One Stop Shop for Mobile EU Citizens is in line with the European Union’s cascade system in place to help EU citizens get the information, advice or active help in exercising their EU rights:
(a) Firstly, citizens should be informed about their European rights. To this we added the IMPEU Q&A toolkit for citizens which covers most issues you might encounter and the interactive map for citizen-friendly information and advice in their host country which can be very helpful.
(b) In case of doubt, they then need advice about how to enforce them (Your Europe Advice) and
(c) If that does not work, they can find active help to overcome the barriers to free movement SOLVIT.

2. Personalised advice and problem-solving:

3. Issues related to the local administration:

Your Europe National Contacts

Specific Issues -Contact your local authorities
For any specific issues, you are advised to contact your local authority.

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