Online Training

The IMPEU Online Training Programme, addressed to civil servants and of national, regional and local experts, public authorities and policy-makers in all levels, will allow them to enhance their knowledge, skills and competences required to promote the successful inclusion and participation of mobile EU citizens and their family members in the host EU country’s civic and political life and their participation in the democratic life of the EU, particularly with a view to the 2019 European elections.

The training units will be the following:

  • Unit 1: It will focus on the obstacles faced by EU mobile citizens when claiming  their EU citizenship rights (entry procedures, visas, ID number, registration, access to social security, healthcare, etc.) – illustrative case studies will also be integrated in the training.
  • Unit 2: It will outline the best practices across EU 28 in facilitating access to EU citizens’ rights. It will present the EC services available to EU citizens to claim their rights such as YEA, SOLVIT, etc.
  • Unit 3: It will provide a summary of the 50 Q&A “Know Your Rights as European citizen” about the rights of European citizens, adapting them for the public officials.
  • Unit 4: It will focus on civic and political rights of EU citizens and will provide best  practices and techniques on how to foster their inclusion in the host countries (town-hall meetings, participative deliberations, use of ICT to enhance EU mobile citizens’ inclusion in the political and civic processes).

The IMPEU Online Training Programme will be openly available and accessible, as a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), through the IMPEU online training platform.

IMPEU Massive Open Online Course