Institut za Podgotovka na Slujiteliv Mejdunarodni Organizacii Zdruzhenie – ITPIO

The Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (ITPIO) is a private non-profit organization – NGO with the status of Association, established in 2010. Members of the Association are currently 5 leading Bulgarian universities and colleges, the most powerful trade union in Bulgaria, one of the 6 national employers association, the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, local and regional authorities, 7 SMEs, 2 corporations, 1 private hospital, 3 adult education providers, 7 centres for vocational training, 6 NGOs active in the education and youth fields, 2 regional educational inspectorates, many schools, 3 language schools, school teachers associations and many individuals – prominent experts in the education, training, social, economic and academic spheres.

The main activities of the Institute are related to research activities and analyses, consulting and development of educational, employment and youth policies and practices on national, regional and local level, elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education, training and youth, organization of trainings, discussion forums aimed at improving the interrelations among national, regional, local authorities and the non-governmental sector, while following the modern trends in civic society development.